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I am Khin Mrat Noe and you can called me “NOe”.”NOe “mean “awake and active” in Myanmar Language, my mother tongue.Most people know me as an entrepreneur and co-founder of  SUNDEW MYANMAR SOFTWARE HOUSE.Actually, I’m just a dream follower. I love to dream big and follow them.Although people thinks my dreams are crazy, I keep following with my soul.





When I was kid…..

kid             I was born on 13th, June 1992 in Rakhine State, western part of Myanmar. Because my Mother wanted the best education available for me, my family moved to Yangon , the capital of Myanmar at that time, when I was about 2 years old. As soon as I reached to Yangon, we lived in Kyi-Myin-Tine Tsp with my so playful and lovely uncles. Because of them, I became a gamer since about 3 years old.

Not long after we live in the city, I really wanted to go to school so badly that my mom had to put me in a pre-school. I used to love to drink 5-7 bottle of Milo  and a 5-10 bananas a day. After 6 months at pre-school, I asked mom to send me to a primary school as I became to be boring pre-school life and wanted to read and write .But 3 years old is too young to go to primary school and my mom send me to a teacher to learn reading and writing .So, I got 2 years to learn and study primary school lessons before I officially go to school.

How lucky I was! These days are the sweetest memories in my life. If there would be a time machine, I will make it to go back that days.


Official Schoolgirl…..


first prize             When I was 5, I went to No.1, B.E.P.S (South Dagon).I met with my first ever friend boy, “Yar Zar Phyo” who I called “Phyo” there. For my first experience, I got the Third Prize at the final exam of my first year of Primary School (KG).When I was Grade 3 , my family moved to Tamwe and so I had to go to No.13,B.E.P.S (Tamwe) and also DKTM English School .At that English School, I had to learn not only English but also Presentation Skill, Singing,Dancing and so many things good for the whole life. final prizeWhen I finished Grade 5, I move to No.4, B.E.H.S (Tamwe), and a very famous girl school in Myanmar. In 2008, I was graduated from high school with 4 distinctions. If I tell about my school-life story detail, it would be as long as 1001 nights tales .Who can believe that a naughty, talkative and lazy girl used to be a Top 3 outstanding students every school year? But it really happened. There was no school year without a prize and placement for me from the KG to the High School Final.But I was not a good student. I hated to copy and write down notes from Text Books. When I was at high school, I never brought my Text Books to School as they were too heavy. As I had already studied the lessons at my tuition. I didn’t want to pay attention to my teachers at school. To run away from the boring lessons at school, I joined any school activities as charities and became well known at school. Throughout school years, I was lucky enough to learn Burmese art, dance and music which are all mandatory to take the exam to become an honor student. All of the learning made me appreciate Burmese art and traditions. I also learned about teamwork and senior-junior relationship experience during my 8th and 9th grade being a part of school Marching Band.



             “OMG! It’s too excited to think about my teenage.”

             If my teenage life would be a script, the main Characters are me, my friends and my first love: P.

teenageI usually do these

  • Dating with  BF and going around the town by bus ,
  • Hanging out with best friends and
  • Playing WOW the whole day
  • Meeting at my home and Cooking together with friends

You may think my teenage life was so peaceful and easy going. Actually, I had to support my family as the eldest sibling because the factory, which is our family’s business, was destroyed in the Nargis Cyclone. Although I got very high mark at high school, I didn’t have change to join the University as I have to work for my family. I worked as a study guide. And I also broke up with my BF after 9 months. He left me as I was not the type he wants. You know that Heart Broken Feeling was so bad for a teenage girl who had to fight with so many problem bigger than her? But I could handle myself as well as my family very well. I believe that good luck always comes to be as challenges or problems.

However, some memories are so beautiful in my teenage life.

  • Travel to my long-time-no-return Native Town alone
  • Make my own money and share to my family
  • Romantic Love and Heart Broken
  • No School but Self Studies and Read a lot of books


Seeking my Dream…..

ACE             Then it was just teaching, reading in long breaks and gaming in my free time and repeat, for three years. Then I started to realize that I need to change. What I’m doing and my passion are not related at all. My passion is something to play with Technology. The income from teaching was 4/5 lakhs a month which is not so bad at that time but I didn’t want to sacrifice my dreams just for the money-making.

Just when I was looking for a change, I was able to attend Software Engineer Class at Teacher U Thein Oo’s ACE Data System, for free of charge. However, when I actually attend the course, I found that I was more interested in the IT business rather than the programming itself. So I talked to my classmates about the business idea I had and they neglected it, saying it’s impossible. It made me want to prove them wrong. I stopped my teaching work and hanging out with friends. After that, I totally jump into IT business.


Follow the Dream…..

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”


In January 2011, I really decided to start a Startup but I didn’t know how to. I really didn’t know the words “Startup” and “Entrepreneur”. I only had a strong will to make my dreams do come true. Fortunately, I met with a super hero named Htoonlin, a man who will be my Mr.CEO and partner of my life. He also used to be my teacher at Software Engineering Class at ACE and moved to another company after about 2 weeks our class started. On that day, I was so upset and boring my study guide life. So I went to an internet cafe near my house where I usually used to go named Pro Net, opened my G-Talk, saw he is online and I said “Hi”. (This “Hi” is the magical spell to make my dream to be real).When I told him that I wanted to work on my own idea, he replied that he also already had had such idea. I don’t know how to describe my happiness happened at that time because he was the only one who didn’t give me the negative feedback on my dream and he also had same dream with me.From that day, I started my adventure life.

gmIn 2011, it was too difficult to organize a group to work with IT in Myanmar as there were no good electricity but too expensive internet. Most people didn’t know how to use computer or smart phone. So, there was no customer and no investor as well for us. It was too difficult to search co-founders beside me and Mr. Htoonlin. But we were too lucky as Yue Tha and other 6 heroes joined us. My mom allowed to us to use our living room for our working space. So, on 2011, May, 2nd, we started SUNDEW MYANMAR.

first bdAfter a month, we moved to our first office place, we called nest .It was the top most, 8th floor of an old building with no lift near a big hospital .If there was too heavy rain at nigh, next morning, I had to reach office at 7 am to drain out the waters from living room because the roof was too old. One the days with no electricity, we played card.My 19th Happy Birthday was held with my colleagues at the nest happily and it was the First Birthday Party of SUNDEW TEAM.

When there was no customer in about 3 months, 3 heroes left SUNDEW TEAM. As soon as they had left, we got our very first customer, Grace Fashion House, for our very first product, Me Shop POS. Although being a very very small shop, opened in a small street, our first customer opened our first page gracefully according to its name. When mobile phone shops became the most popular business in Myanmar, we created a special POS for mobile phone shops, PSMS .Luckily, “Mobile King”, the biggest and the top mobile phone shop bought PSMS and later their friends’ shops also became our customer, their competitors as well. We could made enough not only money but also experiences to keep SUNDEW going on.

Being an IT entrepreneur back then was not easy. Even the terms Internet, Mobile Applications, Computer Software etc., were not familiar with the public. Even so, it still makes me excited to think about that teenage time of my life full of meetings with the partners and customers during the day and at night, in front of a computer with project plans and data bases. I was fearless. Now it took more time to make decisions weighing the pros and cons and takes more energy to be active. Something with the age getting older, I guess.




“There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb”

-Miley Cyrus – The Climb Lyrics

                    Since I was kid, I had been having a wish to not to die in silent. Before I die, I want to do something good for my environment as much as I can.That’s my biggest and final goal of my life.Now,I am trying to get my goal successfully.I’m NOe .Most people know me as an entrepreneur and co-founder of  SUNDEW MYANMAR SOFTWARE HOUSE.Actually, I’m just a dream follower. I love to dream big and follow them.Although people thinks my dreams are crazy, I keep following with my soul.