The Black Sheep

Most of the people say “When no one believes in you,there will be your mom still supporting you.”

But for me , even everybody would believe in me and is supporting me, mom is sure for not believing in and supporting me.


I haven’t got any appreciation from my mom since my childhood although I have been trying hard for my entire life.

When even I passed matriculation exam with flying colors , she didn’t dare to attend my prize-giving ceremony.

Actually, I had to go all prize-giving ceremonies alone since I was 12 years old as she denied all invitations from schools as well as other organizations.

She also denied to attend my convocation when I was graduated.

It’s so sad but true.

I can’t understand why she treats me such.

When I was kid , I used to be so smart and outstanding student.

I got too many metals.

I have never failed any exam in my student life.

After high school , I worked for my family instead of going university at 16 years old.

I used to be a ATM for family.

I started my own business at 19 years old.

Although being known as an Entrepreneur , Woman in Tech , Public Speaker and with so many other titles by other people , I’m just a black sheep for mom.

Anyway, I keep trying to achieve my goals of life.

Whether she accepts me or not , I’m still her kid.

Even being the person you hate most ,I love you mom.


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