This afternoon, I attended the “Becoming a Tech Entrepreneur ” event as one of the panelists at “Exuberance Panel” and shared about me , my career life and my future dreams .

There were some girls asked me if the organization I’m participating, Geek Girls runs events and activities as commercial , how Geek Girls is using registration fees from members and so on.

I got shock when I heard these questions.

Actually, Geek Girls is neither a organization nor a commercial business. It’s just a platform to communicate among women working in Myanmar Tech Industry.

We , all the board members , are running our own businesses and have well enough income from each of them. For me , Geek Girls is just for fun not for fund. And the others are same as me. I make money mainly by running my business and sometimes working as consultant for some people secretly , speaker at some events and trainer at some workshops.

So, except some trainer fees for Geek Girls workshop tours , I haven’t get any penny from it. Sometimes, I have to spend from my pocket.

I didn’t explain the girls in detail as it’s too weird . But I told them that I don’t know where they heard such rumors and to ask the ones how much they spent for Geek Girls.

I hate such Dramas a lot. That’s why I quit from Facebook. In Myanmar, Facebook is like a gossip garbage heap and so annoying. People are sharing mostly hate speech ,rumors and gossip mostly there.

They also usually use so rude word shamelessly. I can’t understand such people.

Why they want to creat and share such dramatic rumors a lot? Yes If they don’t like someone, they should just stay away from them or confront with them face to face.

Instead of them , they just do underhand machinations.

And there’s another type of people I can’t understand on Facebook.

That type is people who love to promote themselves with fake things.

For example, although being nothing , they pretend like a successful people. Sometimes, they copy other people ‘s idea without credit and post like their own.

My biggest problem is knowing the truth of whatever they are lying. I want to advise them that if they want to be successful, they should try honestly to be instead of doing such shit things.

But I also understand that’s their rights, they can post anything on their own Facebook wall as they like. That’s why I uninstalled Facebook from my phone as I also have rights to do thus.

Anyway , as I met with many successful and famous CEOs and real (not fake) Entrepreneurs , today has been so meaningful for me.

Thank you so much everyone who made today happened.


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